Summer Spotlight on… Harley Layman

Q: What program are you working with this summer?

A: I am working with Dr. DeMond Grant’s Laboratory of Emotion and Psychophysiology at Oklahoma State University.

Q: How did you find out about this research experience?

A: I found out about this research experience online while searching for possible professor mentors for graduate school in the future.

Q: What are you researching this summer?

A: This summer we are researching various physiological and emotional reactions (brain waves, eye movements, heart rate, saliva samples, etc.) while before, during, and after performing several tasks and comparing controls to those who have been identified as having some sort of anxiety disorder (most commonly GAD). I also am using data from a graduate student’s thesis to create my own research question regarding anxiety and using literature to help answer my question (which is TBD).

Q: What are the typical daily duties for your program?

A: Typical daily duties include recruiting participants, performing EEG’s on participants, collecting saliva samples, and collecting data from these assessments. I will also be working on my own independent research project and putting together a literature review to help answer my research question with the assistance of a graduate student in the lab.

Q: What is your favorite experience thus far this summer?

A: My favorite experience thus far is looking at the EEG results and seeing how different movements or thoughts can trigger different reactions that are visible on the screen.

Q: How did APEX help make this experience possible?

A: APEX helped to make this experience possible by providing me with an APEX fellowship which has helped to cover my expenses while out of state. The APEX fellowship has also been beneficial with providing me with a mentor who I can go to for assistance and share my experiences with. The assignments created by APEX are interesting in the way that they allow you to reflect on your experiences while completing your fellowship.

Thank you for your time, Harley!