Research Opportunities & Internships

There are a variety of opportunities available to Psychology majors.

Remember to utilize the resources available at APEX. APEX can help you refine your resume, find internships, and even receive special funding for unpaid internships.

Plan to check out available Sophomore Research positions each semester. Remember that some professors accept students outside of their department. New research positions are posted for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Check out positions related to child development and mentoring. Ramapo for Children offers multiple summer staff positions for camp counselors. Akron Rotary Camp is a more local organization that offers camp counselor positions and volunteer opportunities. Wisconsin Badger Camp provides an opportunity to work with people with developmental disabilities in a variety of roles. Camp STAR has had previous Wooster students participate in its summer programs.

Psychology and Neuroscience majors may wish to search for available REU sites to enhance their research skills.

Psi-Chi offers a search engine for a variety of Psychology-related positions.