Susan Clayton, Chair

Whitmore-Williams Professor of Psychology/Environmental Studies, Department Chair

Phone: 330-263-2565
Office Address: 107 Morgan


  • B.A., Carleton College
  • M.S., Yale¬†University
  • Ph.D., Yale University

Courses Taught: 

  • PSYC 215: Psychology of Women and Gender
  • PSYC 225: Environmental Psychology
  • PSYC 330: Social Psychology: Theory and Research
  • PSYC 340: Peace and Conflict
  • PSYC 399: Psychology of Justice
  • ENVS 200: Sustainability

Recent I.S. Theses Supervised:

Anna Kruse
The Psychology of Eating Meats: The Influence of Values and Cognitive Dissonance on Attitudes towards Eating Animals

Emma Nathanson
Families That Eat Together: An Examination of Factors Influencing Parents’ Family Meal Behaviors

Grace Sparks
The Influence of Self-Concept Clarity and Empathy on Social Justice Concern

Julio Torres
Drama in the Work Place: Examining Predictors of Behavioral Work Outcomes Among College Level Student Employees

Charlotte Baxter
And How Does that Make You Feel?: Moderating Effects of Personality on Auditory Dissonance and Emotional Reaction

Erin Flannelly
Only YOU Can Prevent Unsustainable Consumption: The Influence of Advertisement Appeals on Sustainable Consumption

Benjamin Glor
Let the Outside In: A Case for Biophilic Architecture

Emily Grover
Nurturing a Love for Nature: An Investigation of Parental Influence on Children’s Environmental Concern

Natalie Minklei
Differences in the Ways in Which Vogue Communicates Beauty Standards to American and French Women

Wyatt Smith
The Political Consequence and Psychological Mechanisms of Dictatorial Cults of Personality

Erin Behn
The Call of the Wild (and the Caged): The Impact of a Zoo’s Exhibition Styles of the Attitudes of its Human Visitors

Abigail Douglas
The Effects of Head Motion on Mood, Life Satisfaction, and Future Expectations

Gillian Fiske
Blaming Victims: the Effects of Sexual Orientation, Provocation, and Gender on Perceptions of Domestic Violence

Adolfo Mejia
What Really Matters? Predicting Latino academic achievement from parenting, self efficacy, stress, number of successful relatives, and demographic variables

Joseph Morgan
The Effects of Presentation and Individual Differences on Narrative Engagement

Nicole Thacker
Stereotypes about Parents in the Workplace: Bringing Kids to Work and the Effects on Person Perception