Alumni Spotlight on… Masha Berman

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about the program you are attending?

A: I am attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) for my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D). This program stresses clinical competency more than research. I have just finished two semesters and have really enjoyed it. I love the fact that my program has a collegial atmosphere and has provided me the opportunity to work with patients in my first year.

Q: How has your time at Wooster helped you achieve your goals?

A: Wooster has helped me to establish good study habits and to think more critically. In high school, I did not have to work very hard to get good grades. The first semester at Wooster proved that I would need to work hard if I wanted to do well in my academics. It also helped me to think more critically. As opposed to regurgitating information, it forced me to synthesize information that I was taught.

Q: How did you decide which programs to apply to?

A: When looking for schools, I looked at the full disclosure data (data on incoming class, internship data, presentations and publications, graduation outcome, and licensure rate) and the programs they offered. IUP had high rankings for all of these things. One of the major reasons I picked IUP was because it was ranked #5 in the country. More importantly, I really loved visiting the campus and seeing the students interacting with each other and the professors. It was a very friendly, warm, and collegial environment. I also really liked the fact that I would get to work with patients the first year, which was not true for other schools.

Q: What advice do you have for current Wooster students?

A: I would advise Wooster students to take advantage of all the opportunities that COW provides. Talk to teachers, do your own research on a topic you are interested in, try new extracurricular activities, challenge yourself, etc.

Q: What drew you to Clinical Psychology?

A: Up until my 3rd year, I wanted to be a dentist. I was majoring in psychology because I was always very curious about how humans think, act, and feel. I switched my career trajectory to something that I would enjoy reading and learning about. If you are going into graduate school, make sure that you love your topic of choice because you will be a lifelong learner.

Masha’s IS was titled “Just keep Moving: Examining the Relationship Between the Self-Determination Theory and Transtheoretical Model in Relation to Exercise Behavior” and was advised by Dr. Claudia Thompson.

Thank you, Masha!