Alumni Spotlight on… Amanda Koehn

Q: Where are you currently employed?

A: I work at the Cleveland Jewish News.

Q: What do you do in a typical day?

A: In a typical day I write stories and interview people about issues and news of interest to the Cleveland Jewish community. We have a weekly paper and website that I write and copy edit for, as well a few magazines.

Q: What drew you to study Journalism?

A: I got into journalism after doing research in social psychology after graduating from Wooster. I noticed I always liked writing about the science best and thought I was good at making complicated information understandable and interesting. I also liked the idea of having a job where I could ask a lot of questions and hold people in power accountable.

Q: How has your training in Psychology helped your Journalism career?

A: In writing about psychological research, I became cognizant of how important it is to phrase everything accurately and how often only the perfect words will suffice to describe some complex phenomenon. I’ve taken that with me in journalism and try hard to not “write around” complicated parts of a story, even if it requires me asking more questions and taking more time.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: In the future, I want to continue doing journalism, potentially more in radio/podcasting and magazine writing. I also care about environmental issues and think good environmental journalism is needed, so I would like to do more there too.

Q: What advice do you have for current Wooster students?

A: If you are interested in someone’s work or a field in general, don’t be afraid to cold email anyone (but of course do your research and be thoughtful).

Amanda’s IS was titled “Climate Change in the Media: Collective Guilt and Behavioral Effects of News Reports and Environmental Identity” and was advised by Dr. Amber Garcia.

Thank you, Amanda!